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New custom orders listings

Aug - 22 2011

As of this morning, I’ve posted two new custom orders listings on Etsy. These custom orders listings can be found here and here, and are for sets of six pairs of earrings in my Azshara and Quel’Danas styles, primarily designed for brides to buy for their bridesmaids as gifts.  The prices are significantly cheaper than they […]

New Etsy listings!

Feb - 26 2011

I’ve posted some new Etsy listings in the past couple days, some of my six-panel dancing skirts, two necklaces, and a bracelet. Photography continues to be the death of me.       Happy browsing!  These and other pieces can be found, as always, in my Etsy Shop.

Cloaks and capes, oh my!

Dec - 22 2010

Finally got new photos and posted my residual cloaks and capes on Etsy — took me long enough, right? We got a fresh layer of snow on the ground this morning and I had the perfect storm of opportunity: cloudy day, my sister and her boyfriend at the house, and easy access to both my […]

Etsy store active – Works in progress pictures

Oct - 22 2010

I’ve gotten pictures taken and put up some listings in my Etsy store, mostly Swarovski crystal pieces I have lying around, including my Citadel earrings and A Lady’s Ransom bracelets.  Also put up a few Swarovski crystal leaves. I did a copy of the first high-end piece I ever sold this morning as well, “Quartering […]