Commissions Gallery

Jude’s Chest started with both commissions and projects made specifically for the artist herself. This gallery contains custom pieces that have been created over the years as well as appreciation photos from satisfied customers.

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Blue satin tudor gown, 2004
Custom necklace with dragon pendant, 2008
Old “gypsy” garb, 2005-7
Vest, 2004
“Gypsy” garb mark 2, 2007
Gypsy dancer, 2003
Everyday wandering and vending garb, 2005-8
“Bones” dancing skirt pictured with vest by Diane of Dark Goddess Leather Pleasures, 2008
Plaid skirt, cloak, everyday garb, 2004-8 (ignore the sexy royal guardsman!)
Detail of custom blackwork, 2008
Custom “A Lady’s Ransom” set for birthday, anniversary, and location of meeting, 2010.

One thought on “Commissions Gallery

  1. Trish says:

    I still love to wear the necklace you made for me with the dragon pendant. I always get compliments on it! Thank you, Erin!

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