New collection for 2010!

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This year has brought forth a new collection of more elegant, higher-end pieces.  I have made actually quite a few more than what will be featured here; more photos will be coming soon.  This collection augments my original collection of beadworked items with charms.

Wire-wrapped stone pendants

In addtion to the new high-end collection, I also have created new earring designs with names inspired by my favorite online gaming experience.  I also created the “A Lady’s Ransom” style of bracelet, which contains thirty-five Swarovski bicones seperated with pewter rondelles, fastened with a toggle clasp.

Also new in this year’s collection are a series of magnetic stone based bracelets made with crackle glass and other styles of glass beads.

Shows this year included the Grand Valley State University Renaissance Festival in Allendale, MI October 9-10 and the upcoming Athens Craft Show at Larson Middle School in Troy, MI on November 20, 2010.

Creation of a Lordaeron L stamp successful!

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After some work and gathering some advice from friends on how I might be able to make the Marks of the Crusade and Marks of the Dawn that I wanted to make, I experimented with creating a stamp out of scrap polymer clay.  It took a few hours and a couple tries to get it put together, but I eventually managed to craft one.  It was another two weeks before I had the guts to try it out.

The end result of the dry run was pretty neat if I do say so myself.

Marks of the Dawn

Marks of the Dawn, Marks of Honor Hold...

They look much shinier now that I’ve actually varnished them.  I have the clay to make a few more, I just haven’t gotten around to getting the clay out to do them (I intend to do some red ones as well, to make Marks of the Crusade).

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