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Post-festival update and crafting as peril

Oct - 14 2023

One thing any crafter knows is that space is always an issue–it doesn’t matter how much space you have, it’s always at a premium at any given time. The other thing any crafter knows is that collecting supplies and materials and actually making things are two separate, but complimentary, hobbies. To some degree or another, […]

GVSU Renaissance Festival 2022

Oct - 10 2022

GVRen was my first show years ago and remains my favorite all these years later. The long-running joke among friends is that some of us alumni have been around the festival long enough that we’ve seen everything twice, and a weekend like this past one was no exception. The weather was suboptimal on Saturday, but […]

Lady Brigid’s Wardrobe – An update

Sep - 13 2015

A few months ago, I let everyone know that I’d decided to finally replace the old court gown that I’d sewn back in 2004 for my last renaissance festival as an undergraduate at GVSU.  After spending a few months distracted by a dollhouse (that’s another story!) and working on a few other projects (including surprises […]

New collection for 2010!

Oct - 20 2010

This year has brought forth a new collection of more elegant, higher-end pieces.  I have made actually quite a few more than what will be featured here; more photos will be coming soon.  This collection augments my original collection of beadworked items with charms. In addtion to the new high-end collection, I also have created […]