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LOTS of new listings up, plus a 10% off offer!

Dec - 13 2010

I’ve posted a bunch of earrings and braclets today, plus a pair of necklaces to my Etsy Store.  All versions of A Lady’s Ransom are now available individually for purchase.  Also newly listed are some pairs of Azshara pearl and Swarovski crystal earrings.  The biggest bangs, however, are two necklaces that are newly listed: Quartering […]

Wedding necklaces – “Something Blue”

Nov - 07 2010

The other day, I finally got around to making my “Something Blue” wedding necklaces.  I got inspired by a couple of Swarovski crystal teardrops I had floating around that were too small to just be pendants on a chain.  The original piece was a variant on my “Icy Brilliance” piece, a strand of snow quartz […]

Custom orders are full of fun!

Nov - 05 2010

I put together a custom order for longtime friend Krinny today.  He wanted a gift for family members and had an idea that definately fit the bill. The whole enterprise took more time to mock up, photograph, and ship than it took to make! (probably because I have this bracelet down to a science). The […]

New collection for 2010!

Oct - 20 2010

This year has brought forth a new collection of more elegant, higher-end pieces.  I have made actually quite a few more than what will be featured here; more photos will be coming soon.  This collection augments my original collection of beadworked items with charms. In addtion to the new high-end collection, I also have created […]