Custom orders are full of fun!

Nov - 05 2010 | By

I put together a custom order for longtime friend Krinny today.  He wanted a gift for family members and had an idea that definately fit the bill.

The whole enterprise took more time to mock up, photograph, and ship than it took to make! (probably because I have this bracelet down to a science).

The piece was made to symbolize the union of his brother and his sister-in-law and contained Emerald Swarovski crystals, Sapphire Swarovski crystals, and Sand Opal Swarovski crystals to symbolize their birthdays and the month they got married. The center section, with the Fern Green, Sunflower, and Capri Blue Swarovski crystals, symbolized the place where they met.

This was a very fun piece to make and I hope that the intended recipiants enjoy them as much as I enjoy making things like this!

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