Post-festival update and crafting as peril

Oct - 14 2023 | By

One thing any crafter knows is that space is always an issue–it doesn’t matter how much space you have, it’s always at a premium at any given time. The other thing any crafter knows is that collecting supplies and materials and actually making things are two separate, but complimentary, hobbies.

To some degree or another, along with a voracious reading habit and a tendency to collect writing supplies (though those are issues better dealt with over at Doc Says Rawr), I deal with both.

I also live in a 550-square foot apartment with two cats.

A black cat sitting primly on top of a crochet afghan
Last night Katy was “helping” when I decided I wanted to work on some crochet that wasn’t a scarf – so I pulled out the huge afghan I’ve been working on for a really long time.

Let’s just say that there are some things (like my Cameo and my sewing machine) that are always out–though the Cameo has a designated home on a rolling cart where it lives, it just lives out, my sewing machine has a case that it never actually makes it back into, instead living on my probably too big for the space dining table that is both storage and workspace–and a spot where I rarely sit down to eat (though that has more to do with the size of my chairs than things being on the table, if I’m honest–all of them are from Ikea and match, but in hindsight the chairs might have been bigger than what I need).

Right now, the post-festival challenge is going to be reorganizing product and supplies and putting things away in such a way that what I need is easily accessible. Right now things are a bit of a mess because of the weather last weekend–we basically just unloaded everything into my apartment and I’ve been moving around boxes here and there ever since. Monday being the holiday allowed me time to begin physically recovering and get some laundry done, but not necessarily put a dent in sorting or putting things away.

The next challenge (concurrent challenge?) will be starting to work through supplies in my stash to create new, fun things and scale back the amount of new stuff I’m bringing in–but also keep in mind the above.

Case in point, I definitely just brought home some new quilting fabric (and a little bit of yarn and other odds and ends) from JoAnn’s this week.

Selection of Halloween and autumn fabrics
I really only went for the second from the top on the left but it’s always fun to find batiks on sale like this.

I will admit that it can be fun to go through what’s in my stash and let myself start to get ideas of what to do with it. Of course, the matter after that is always what to do with it. Sometimes, that’s where the most fun projects come from, like a bunch of the earrings that I did for festival this year and a quilt top I swear I’m going to finish before the end of the year if it kills me (and it might–it really might).

That’s all for now. Refresh on the Etsy shop coming soon, I just have to figure out light boxes and fun things like that for better jewelry photos (always my bane) and how I’m going to photograph scarves. Wish me luck!

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