Trying something new…

Dec - 13 2023 | By

Doing a little experimenting with something new.

I’ve been eying Circut’s mug press for well over a year now and finally broke down and got one for myself with some funds left from last Christmas. I finally worked up the guts (after having it for a few days) to break it out and try it. For better or worse, I think the first few attempts turned out pretty good!

These are all the 12 oz. Cricut brand mugs. I have some 15 oz. mugs that I haven’t done anything with yet, but I’m liking the results so far! I’m excited to do some more experimentation.

Hardest part about the whole thing has been the cutting and weeding, really. There’s a little bit of ghosting on some of the mugs but for first attempts, I’m very pleased.

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