Welcome to the home of Jude’s chest on the web!

Costumes and jewelry by Jude’s Chest are available on the web at our Etsy store or by special order commission. Many items are unique, though similar items may be available. As a general rule, no two items are exactly the same!

A variety of sizes are available in many items. Some are one size fits most, but many can be individually sized.

Jewelry is all hand-created, often inspired by history, fantasy, science fiction, and games in all their varieties.  Pieces unless otherwise noted are worked in natural stone with glass and metal accents.  Custom pieces are available on request.  Because of their hand-made nature, no two pieces are exactly alike!

Jude’s Chest was born in 2005 and first appeared at the Grand Valley State University Renaissance Festival that October.  Since this first appearance, it has become a fixture in the festival’s alumni “red light district.”

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